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August 23rd, 2006


A beauty bag that makes it past airport security

imageWhat are we suppose to do without a water bottle, facial cream and our favorite lip gloss allowed on board a flight? These are all the essentials a frequent flier needs to keep herself hydrated, well moisturized and refreshed. The recent Transportation Security Administration's (TSA) ban on creams, gels, liquids and lotions makes it quite challenging for a traveler these days.

So how is one suppose to look radiant at landing? Here are some approved carry-on substitutes that will perform 30,000 feet up in the air and at your final destination.

~ For those who like to come clean right before take-off, use Dove Gentle Exfoliating Pillows. Activated with water, each dual-textured puff gently removes dirt while depositing essential nutrients. [Available at mass stores.]

~ Opt for solid moisturizing stick/balm as a replacement for a facial cream. Fresh's Sugar Lip Treatment gently exfoliates the lip, while the shea butter nourishes and protects the skin. (An inside scoop: It also acts as a great facial moisturizer!) Also, try Boscia's Jujube Salve Stick a multi-fix-it stick, that offers "moisture-plumping" and wrinkle soothing benefits to the face.

~ For intense treatment or if you are traveling a 6-hour or more flight, consider transdermal patches that deliver vitamins directly to the skin. Osmotics Anti-Wrinkle Vitamin C Patches offer up to 10 hours of vitamin C absorption for continual collagen stimulation.

~ Chapped, cracked and irritated dry nails deserve a little in-flight attention. Creative Nail Design SolarBalm comes in a very convenient small package and offers great conditioning benefits for cuticles and other targeted dry spots like arms, elbows and knees.
~ Hair too has its hair raising moments when traveling. To combat fly-a-way hair try Ted Gibson Hair Sheets. They are conditioning towelettes massaged over dry hair from roots to end to inhibit moisture-loss. Your hair will look brilliant, smooth, and shiny. In addition, if you need extra holding power, try Charles Worthington H2O Styling Strips. These are water-activated strips that instantly transform into a gel. Of course, the new hair powders should be considered to keep hair looking fresh and clean.

~ Stress levels when traveling, coupled with the chance of getting sick is at an all time peak. Buddha Nose Immune Booster Salve combines the energetic principles of Shiatsu with essential oils of imagearomatic plants to help calm the mind and relax sore muscles. Massage it on the nape of your neck, temples or shoulders and just breathe. People swear by this stuff and say they never get sick--- and it smells good too.

~ Last stop is a final touch-up. To make eyes look refreshed and wide-eye, use an eyelash curler. Next, try using a multi-purpose product for an allover glow. Susan Posnick ColorMe is travel friendly and offers a self-dispensing powder puff. Finish with a sheer lipstick in a natural shade.

Be sure to check with the Transportation Security Administration before your trip for the latest updates and security measures being enforced.

Be safe and happy flying!


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You can take no credit for beauty at sixteen. But if you are beautiful at sixty, it will be your soul's own doing.

—Marie Stopes