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Bubblin’ Blueberries

June 10th, 2009


Add a healthy dose to your shower.

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The blueberry use to be a fruit that we only added to our cereal or rolled to our dog as a toss up and roll toy- then they eat it, of course.

And getting clean use to be all about a good lather. And the only skin that got royal treatment was the skin above the neck.

Until now, Dial was only known as a soap that fights deodorant.

imageNow everything is 'in sync' and Dial has upped the ante on their products, putting power behind antioxidant fighters with the help of blueberries. Introducing Tone Antioxidant Body Wash with Blueberry & Vitamins. It's packed with blueberry extracts and vitamins to help defend the skin against daily environmental stresses. Skin feels well-moisturized, replenished and gives a get-noticed glow.

The complexity of the blueberry has made great strides in research promoting skin health. Plus it ranks as a TOP TEN Super Food.

So be sure to salute and honor it come July when it celebrates National Blueberry Month.

It looks like everyone has found their thrill on blueberry hill.

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