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Body by Wii

March 26th, 2008


A fitness revolution is about to unfold.

Remember what Jane Fonda did for aerobic exercise with her workout videos? Do you also remember the must-have gym attire of that time- leotards, tights and leg warmers were so in vogue. Step Aerobics, that large cumbersome elevated platform, made its debut in 1989 and was all the rage. The evolution of fitness continues to transform- A board gets slimmed, modernized and electronically controlled; futuristic animated models become our trainers. Our workout routine alters in ways we would never quite imagine. Introducing WiiFit.

"Move over kids- its mom's Wii time now."

This May many American households will be adjusting their schedules with mom and dad plotting for Wii time. It is already a big hit in Japan, selling over a million in its first month, and soon it will make its way stateside.

imageWiiFit is Nintendo's new fitness game. The key to WiiFit is found in its unique platform called the Wii Balance Board which is shaped like a household body scale. (Wii Trivia: it was inspired by sumo wrestlers' need to weigh themselves with two scales.) imageIt measures the users 'center of pressure' where force is concentrated. This board is the direct target controlling your body's overall balance which is tied to the game in a way you've never experienced before. The minute your balance goes off kilter your center of pressure is disrupted and challenges your movement to get 'balanced' once again. Additionally, it checks your Body Mass Index (BMI) and tracks your daily progress better than any trainer can do. WiiFit even determines a user's Wii Fitness Age, for me, this was no laughing matter when mine calculated an embarrassing sixty-five- I am determined to prove a younger Wii-version of me in no time!


I was fortunate enough to take the demonstration (but unfortunate to reveal my real age, weight and WiiFit age to three lovely strangers who happen to be very kind, gentle souls). I stepped on the Wii Balance Board and got ready for action. Leaning and bending is key as I went from holding the perfect Yoga pose, to swiveling my hips and powering the hula hoop twirls, to angling my knees so that I could accelerate my downhill speed time, followed by controlled motion in strength training. With over 40 activities to choose from, boredom will no longer be your excuse to throw in the towel.

imageFun in fitness is the new rule in exercise workout- and it's going to be the most fun it's been in years!

Launching nationwide May 19, 2008. Names are currently being accepted for waiting list at participating stores.


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