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January 9th, 2008


A look at the most-wanted.

Bliss, products from NY's hottest spa, are packed with a zestful assortment of tantalizing beauties that will thrill you from head to toe. Super-strengths, super-special and super-working make this line so divine! But sometimes a few steal the spotlight, so MBB went straight to the source for the Top Ten Best of Bliss.

image1. Sleeping Peel Serum
What is it: A super serum and exfoliating gel.
Why it's great: This wonder serum (and a favorite of mine!) fights it all: acne, anti-age spots, pore size, fine lines and dull skin due to its high potent amino acid strength. Skin looks incredibly tightened, toned and refined by morning.

2. Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask
What is it: Renowned favorite Bliss Oxygen Spa Facial formulated for at-home use.
Why it's great: Is a fast (5 minutes!) quick fix to skin rejuvenator for saggy, energy-lacking skin.

image3. The Youth As We Know It
What is it: An anti-aging cream.
Why it's great: Formulated with the ten most effective ingredients to help kick start, repair and prevent all your anti-aging needs.

4. Wrinkle Twinkle
What is it: No it's not your child's bedtime story, but a brush-on line-filling wrinkle-reducer cream.
Why it's great: It is fast acting so immediate results can be seen. It also contains a powerhouse of potent muscle-relaxers and haloxy (the dark circle wonder dream).

image5. FatGirlSlim
What is it: A skin firming cream that visibly diminishes 'skin dimples' (polite replacement for dreaded cellulite).
Why it's great: Contains QuSome-encapsulated caffeine molecules for quick and targeted deliver. (It's said to be the cult-favorite of supermodels, spokespeople and celebrities.)

6. Lemon & Sage Soapy Sap
What is it: A shower and bubble bath gel
Why it's great: Soap sap turns up the lather plus delivers a great refreshing lemon scent.

image7. Lemon & Sage Body Butter
What is it: Body moisturizer
Why it's great: Covers the body with extreme moisture right from a tube. Not greasy, just skin absorbing lemony scent.

8. Big Blue Bar
What is it: A BIG blue bar of soap.
Why it's great: Trust me just a favorite, because of its great lather and heavenly scent, need I say more!

image9. Poetic Brow Shaping Sugar Waxing Kit
What is it: A cold wax eyebrow maintenance kit.
Why it's great: No-fuss easy use without the mess.

10. Ingrown Hair Eliminating Peeling Pads
What is it: A pad soaked in an ingrown-preventing solution.
Why it's great: Hydroxy acids are the secret weapon in the fight against ingrown bumps and lumps. Plus all you need to do is swipe.

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