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Beachy Keen

May 23rd, 2007


Celebrate the scents of summer.


Summer's opening day is here and there is nothing more inviting then the scent's of the beach. I am not talking about tropical, fruity scents, but aromatic souvenirs of sand and surf. Unique, clean scents that smell like the beach after a hot, relaxing day without the sweat and sandy mess. If you like the smell of suntan lotion and the ocean air, you will love this lineup.

imageDo you like the smell of Coppertone? If you do, Bobbi Brown's Beach collection is perfect for you. The newest addition to the line is the Beach Body Scrub. It is also available in a fragrance and dry oil too.

imageNorma Kamali Beach Fragrance wraps up all three- the sand, sea and surf- in one bottle for the most refreshing spray at the end of the day.

imageDemeter's Salt Air fragrance captures the scent of the sea air minus the "fishy" smell.

imageIle De Tahiti's Body Wash's sophisticated island scent transports skin and senses daily to a deserted island fantasy escape!

imageThe smell of coconut abounds on a tropical beach and Island Song Coco-Mango Aloe shimmer truly smells like rich, ripened coconuts with the tiniest hint of mango. It also provides cooling aloe relief and a sun-kissed glow too!

imageCarol's Daughter Ocean Body Butter has a subtle scent that is rich in moisturizers for soothing and healing very dry, parched skin.

The perfect sea breeze no longer needs to be left behind~ your favorite scents are now bottled and packaged for you to buy!


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You can take no credit for beauty at sixteen. But if you are beautiful at sixty, it will be your soul's own doing.

—Marie Stopes