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Be Joyful When You Lend a Hand

December 16th, 2009


Celebrate with this stashed in your purse.

The germ-infestation has begun. The holiday season bring lots of merriment, but let's face it all the hugging, kissing and hand shaking action exchange more than greetings. And let's not forgot cocktail parties galore and accidentally swapping of drinks. Come 'on its happened to the best of us.

These gestures open the breeding grounds for germs.

Panic might set in for many; especially if someone is coughing their brains out before they politely put out a hand to shake.

imageSome situations are more easily avoidable; others not. Bacteria are everywhere. A recent article in the NYTimes Healthy Section reports cold and flu viruses last less than a few minutes on skin, but that can be plenty of time to cause infection.

Politely you can excuse yourself and run to an intimate corner and whip out your CleanWell hand sanitizer, which effectively gets rid of 99.9% of germs. As you rub away those microbe, you prayer you have won the battle against H1N1, the flu, the common cold and strep this time around.

Parent Alert: Many hand sanitizers contain fatal amounts of alcohol- 50 to 60 percent. CleanWell is alcohol-free and safe for children, plus no alcohol means less drying of the skin.

Remember, nothing wrong with killing germs the old fashion way--- basic soap and water. Seems to work almost every time.


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