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Amazing Acai

November 14th, 2007


The NEW superman of berries.

imageThe latest buzz is around the indigenous fruit to the Amazon called Acai. Pronounced, ah-sigh-EE, this super berry is touting powerful results. Say bye to wheatgrass shots, and hello acai.

What is acai?
"Acai is a small purple berry that grows on 60 foot palm trees in the Amazon Rainforests", says Laura Leinweber, the Director of Communications at Sambazon, the Global Leader in organic acai. It contains a tremendous amount of antioxidants, but what makes it a superfruit is the addition of amino acids, omega 3-6-9, fiber and protein.

What does acai taste like?

Unlike the bitter,'green' taste of wheatgrass, acai suits the palette due to its delightful desert-like chocolaty-berry flavor, but it's definitely not too sweet! Ms. Leinweber says, "Acai's nutritional value immediately attracts people, but the taste keeps them coming back for more." You can try Pure Inventions Antioxidant Fruit Extracts which has a Pomegranate with Acai Berry in a liquid form that can be used as a nutritional supplement. You can also buy all ready made smoothies, sorbets, drinks and powder supplements from Sambazon, a California-based company carrying acai-based food and drinks. [Available at Whole Food Stores nationwide.]

What are the benefits of acai?
The acai berry adds a wallop of energy and 'good-for-you' benefits to the entire body. Eating the berry is said to improve skin's condition, give you greater energy, stamina and mental stimulation--- it is also said to improve one's sexual drive. Ms. Leinweber shares, "We get amazing testimonials from women who write to us about improved skin, hair, energy and overall well being. There is no greater confirmation than this that a product is truly this good. It's something you want to put into your diet every day."

Are there beauty benefits too?

Why yes, we saved the best for last. This new sweetheart fruit is making its way on to the beauty counters. In 2008, you will find a bevy of next generation products like Tarte's Double Dose berry boost gloss and Fresh's Sugar Acai Age-Defy Body Cream formulated with this rich fruit. Currently, Tarte and Borba have linked up to combine a complete wellness beauty package like the Inside Out vitamin-infused gloss and lipstick lines. imageScott Vincent Borba was the first company to use Acai, "Acai naturally helps to support healthy collagen development. In our Borba proprietary formulations, we have clinically proven that Acai internally and topically can turn back time, one wrinkle at a time." The Age-Defy kit and BORBA's drinkable line both contain this grand berry. imageimageTwo other newly launched products containing acai is DDF Mesojection Healthy Cell Serum and Pangea Facial Mask with Matcha Tea, Acai and Goji Berry.

Now you can see why the purple acai is being hailed as the NEW "IT" superfood.


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