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Say Bye To Dark Spots

January 11th, 2012


Goodskin Labs Equinol Dark Spot Concentrate

As we begin to age, we notice more and more 'dark spots' begin to make an appearance on our skin. According to Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, GoodSkin Labs Global Dermatologist Brand Endorser, "Skin discoloration is probably the most common complaint amongst patients in my dermatology practice."

imageWhat it is:
A treatment for reducing stubborn dark spots.

What it does:
A multi-faceted, targeted treatment that attacks uneven skin tone instantly. Using innovated ingredients it not only helps eliminate the appearance of dark spots, but helps prevent new ones from forming.

Key Ingredients:
Contains SR12, a breakthrough ingredient, which is originally derived from the Dianella Ensifolia plant. This ingredient is combined with Vitamin C and glucosamine. Caffeine helps soothe and calm skin, reducing irritation.

How it feels and smells:
Its creamy formula has no scent and absorbs immediately after application.

Why I like it:
*It works! I saw a difference in just two weeks of diligent application- my skin clarity improved greatly. A significant difference after four weeks and wow after six months see for yourself below. It leaves no greasy residue so I can easily apply a sun protection cream right over it.

Here's why I am LOVING it.



*Clinical Study Results has shown a 73% improvement in skin clarity, after 4 weeks a 43% improvement in skin tone, 41% improved clarity, and after 12 weeks a 55% reduction in visible size and color intensity of dark spots.

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