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The FLU Prevention

January 15th, 2013


Some helpful tips to be healthy and happy this season.

So many friends and children in my area have come down with the flu. My family and I have been lucky so far, but I will admit I feel as though I am anticipating its arrival. Everyday I text my kids at the end of their day, "you feel ok"? "k' is the response, but that puts me at ease. Do you believe this fact: In a minute we touch over 30 items and our face 5 times!

Here are additional tips we can add to the common list of ways to prevent the flu.

image1. Don't just wash your hands, but wash your arm right up to the elbow. As you are singing "Happy Birthday" lather right up to the elbow- the forearm is said to hold more bacteria than your armpit!

2. If there are three or more people living in your house you may choose to use paper towels to dry your hands. Reusing a towel wash after wash, day after day, can become a hazardous to your health and carry unwanted bacteria. A paper towel is discarded after one use, bad germs are gone--- Unless of course you have a staff of workers who wash towels on a daily basis than you are okay.

image3. Take a daily dose of high antioxidant vitamins and Vitamin C Any foods or medicine high in antioxidant would help ward off bacterial and viral infection. My kids pop Vitamin C as if they were Skittles, so this works for me.

4. Get outdoors! Why do you think the winter breeds unwanted illness like the flu, because we are couped up inside. Go outside, shoot hoops (that's what gets my kids going), take a walk with your pet, your spouse, just do something fun and breathe fresh air.

5. Pass on lemon in your water. The lemon rind was shown to be high in bacteria.

6. Condiments and menus in a restaurant are said to bacteria-ridden, so be careful on how you touch the menu and you might consider passing on salt & cheese.

7. No surprise, but shopping carts are also high in e.coli and germs. What I do when my list is limited is pack the items in my recyclable bag instead of loading up a cart.

8. I just sceive long nails, it has always been a pet peeve of mine, especially on men- Yuck! But the real reason why is because of all the bacteria that gets under the nail and sits there brewing. My boys are very active in sports, right now its basketball, and I keep theirs short for this reason. (Speaking of which, kids hands should be thoroughly washed after playing any sport!)

9. This is a new one I just learned the "power of Sea Buckthorn". It is a botanical that increases the body's resistance to stress trauma and helps heal the skin, and it helps ward off illness-inducing bacteria. (Checkout Weleda's topical Sea Buckthorn as well as a pill from Charma VI)

10. Stay positive beginning right now! I need to STOP anticipating the illness and carry on being healthy. That goes for all of you too.



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