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Tales From A Hand Cream Junkie

December 4th, 2012


Products for dry hand relief.

Here in the East we're experiencing mild temperatures, but this is about to change by tomorrow. This flunctuation of highs and lows is really causing havoc with my skin, especially my hands, which are immersed in water more than I would ike.

Therefore, it goes without saying that I can consider myself a "hand cream junkie". I have a tube of cream at my bathroom sink, kitchen sink, hand bag and side night table. I am always reaching for a squirt, only to realize, oops, I put them under water once again and must reapply.

Aveeno Skin Relief intense moisture hand cream (it has a NEW look!) has become a favorite of mine. It takes the cake when it comes to consistency since it's not too thick and not too runny. It's also not greasy whatsoever and offers no fragrance. The packaging is relatively small so I can easily toss it in my bag. And, just because it says "hand cream" doesn't mean it can't be used on other area dry spots.

If your hands are dry, then I am sure your cuticles and nails are too. I've recently tried CND's Solar Oil, which is a vitamin-infused oil that helps protect nails and cuticles. This oil is sweet smelling, (it contains almond oil) and mixed with other conditioners like vitamin E, jojoba that penetrates deeply into the most brittle nails and skin.

Next time your at your manicurist's appointment, check to see if they use it. I am sure you will be surprised to find it sitting right there alongside her tools.



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