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January 24th, 2013


Korean brands are bringing innovation to the US.

It's nice that Korea is getting recognized for more than 'Gangnam Style' these days. This fast and growing market, originators of eyelash extensions and BB creams, should be on your beauty radar. After all, they would know best about beauty, Korean women are said to use over 10 products in their daily beauty routines.

imageJapanese Exfoliating beads are a favorite of mine. It is a soft rice powder that when water is added, becomes a think paste, which removes all dead skin cells from your face. Green tea is another natural wonder ingredient touted in some brands from Korea--- AmorePacifica has said to found a way to cultivate this potent tea leave for optimum benefits. And now, right in time for Valentine's Day, VDL Cosmetic Brand, a line yet to launch here in the states, has delectable masks that sound too good to just sit on your face--- CHOCOLATIER NUTRITION GEL MASK (BERRY CHOCOLATE) contains a combination of anti-oxidant blueberries and anti-aging cranberries with highly moisturizing cacao extracts for a rich, nutritious anti-oxidant mask. Also offered in a MINT CHOCHOLATE version, for skin-balancing and MILK CHOCOLATE , containing goat's milk for brightening, these masks are the next best thing to melissa's cupcakes in NY, but without the calories. What I love most about these masks- and we need to get more of them available to us here in the states- is that it is a cloth covering for the face with cut-outs for the eyes and mouth. It completely sits on the face and covers your skin in complete goodness.

One thing is for sure, the cool brands coming out of Korea offer a selection that is cheeky, adjustable, trendy and colorful and I just can't wait till many of them come stateside.


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