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Red Carpet Beauty at The Golden Globes

January 14th, 2013


Who wore it well and who didn’t.

imageThis year many just wore it well. Skin was definitely in, plunging neck lines (Kate Hudson) and back lines (Julianna Margulis), and legs on show (Eva Longoria. Colors ranged from black to nudes to even whites making a strong statement. However other celebrities as beautiful as they looked, Lucy Liu and Halle Berry, there dresses should have been saved for another debut and not the Red Carpet Walk- just a little too much design.

Lots of retro waves in hair was seen like Rachel Weisz.
Styled by Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Celebrity Stylist Ben Skervi

The Look: Very old Hollywood glamour
Ben and Rachel channeled the 1930s with sexy, sleek waves that complement her Louis Vuitton dress.

Here’s how Ben suggests getting the look:
1.Starting with damp hair, apply Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Heat Protect & Shine Spray and blow-dry hair straight.
2.Once hair is dry, tuck hair behind left ear. On that same side, take small sections and curl hair down a 1-inch barrel curling iron. After 20 seconds, remove the iron and pin the section in a roll while it cools. Repeat this process until the whole head is curled.
3.Then, on the untucked side, repeat the same process but with a ½-inch curling iron to give a stronger wave around the face. Once all the hair cools, remove the pinned sections and brush hair into a soft, sexy wave.
4.To keep hair tucked behind the ear, apply a small amount of gel.
5.Lastly, lightly mist with Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Extra Firm Hold Hairspray to hold the style in place, leaving it with a sleek, finished look.

While other celebrities, like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, went sophisticated and sleek. Here is how you can get her look.

Styled by Cervando using Vidal Sassoon Pro Series

The Look: Chic, Effortless Glamour
Cervando and Rosie went for a modern, chic hairstyle, inspired by the fashion runways of Paris. Rosie’s hair gives an effortless elegance to her Saint Laurent Paris gown.

Here’s how Cervando created Rosie’s look:
1.First start by prepping wet hair with Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Repair & Finish Spray to protect hair while blow-drying it.
2.Rough blow dry hair until it’s 75% dry. Starting at the nape of the neck, blow dry hair in small sections using a medium sized boar bristle round brush.
3.Starting at the part, twist hair along the hairline until the temple, and then create a small roll. Place a small metal hairpin in the roll to build height. Spray the area with Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Extra Firm Hold Hairspray and let it set for 20 minutes, allowing the hair to take form around the pin. Remove pin and spritz with hairspray for control.
4.To finish, sweep hair over one shoulder and spray Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Extra Firm Hold Hairspray to hold in place while leaving it with lots of natural movement.

imageKate Hudson's look was reflective of Brigette Bardot, soft voluptuous hair that is healthy and shiny. David Babaiiand sets the stage for look below.

David started with IT&LY's Pure Water Drops Serum before blow drying. Next, he added IT&LY's Pure Style Mousse Strong and used a medium round brush at the root area to add volume then switching to a large round brush to smooth and create soft rounded edges. After drying, David created a natural side part and created piecey definition. For her sexy fringe he wrapped the bang area around a medium round brush spraying a small amount of IT&LY's Pure Volumizing Eco again. With the blow dryer temperature on high, he directed heat on the brush followed by a quick blast of cool air to set. Gently he removed the brush to release the fringe. With his fingers he combed through and allowed the hair to fall naturally into place. To finish, he misted the hair with IT&LY Pure Definition Hair Spray for soft touchable hair with memory hold.


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