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February 7th, 2013


Bobbi Brown’s Brightening Finish Powder in Nudes

Last night I had to do a quick return at Lord & Taylor--- I get most of my shopping done here because of its convenience and location to my home. As I was leaving, my eyes glanced at the Bobbi Brown Counter, which is located right in front of the exit/entrance doors and I literally stopped in my path to take a glance at this new brightening nude powder. For anyone in my profession, it takes a lot to stop us dead in our path. We've seen it all- every pink, every nude, every palette, but this one was just striking. I admired it, was thinking about it and started walking towards the door. Stopped again, and did a 360 degree turn, and friends, you are not going to believe this, but YES, I asked the makeup artist if she could please apply it on my face. I NEVER, EVER do this! Definitely, for sanitary reasons, but also, many close friends will attest to this: I just don't like being bothered walking through department store cosmetic aisles and answering to comments: Can I apply this to your face (the only person apply moisturizer to my skin is ME), try a spray of this new fragrance (will you like to deal with my migraine later?), or try this lightening eye cream- your eyes will really benefit from it (sorry, the only thing my eyes will benefit from is 12 hrs worth of sleep).

I was pleasantly surprised and so happy to find my gut reaction was instantly confirmed. This palette is beautiful, not too shimmery, just lights up my skin with, yep, radiance. I didn't buy it right away, since I wanted to be sure that I liked it just as much as I did when I went home, and I can truly say even better! Definitely finding the time to go back before the weekend, snowstorm or no snowstorm to own it!

Bobbi Brown Brightening Finish Powder in Nudes, $50.- the photo above looks very shimmery, but it isn't , such a warm beautiful palette, much better in real life.


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