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Olivita Soaps

December 14th, 2012


Clean up your act with artisanal soaps.

imageSoap that smells so good should have a story- after all you use it everyday or you give it as a gift and first impressions mean a lot.

This new soap line is simply saponified virgin olive oil for your skin and look as great as they smell. What could be more heavenly then mixing the best properties of olive oil with sensation scents from the Mediterranean (Aegean).

Olivita's journey began many generations ago where harvesting olive trees became a passion and their family enjoyed growing the best olive trees and making amazing olive oil soaps.

Each Vegan soap bar in beautiful scents (whiff lavender, Thyme, Turkish Bath and more) come wrapped in paper envelopes with stylish sketches.

They're partial to all things pretty, Mediterranean-inspired, all things natural and cruelty-free.

imageGive them as a gift, lather them in your bath, or just have them sitting pretty in a soap dish, you will agree the fragrance will whisk you away to a beautiful sea of blue surrounded by olive trees and sunshine.

Olivita is new and setting up a direct sale site, but for now contact them at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or click here for a phone number.


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