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Firm, Baby, Firm

October 25th, 2012


High-per-‘firm’-ance facial serum.

imageBliss (I'll give them full credit), the company behind the witty product titles, just launched Firm, Baby, Firm. I enjoy trying and experimenting with their products, since the source- BlissSpa, has never let me down. Coming from a trusted place secures my willingness to try a product. I like to think that many of their products are taken from advice deemed important from their skilled, trained estheticians who work at Bliss. Mix this with new found innovation and there you have a rewarding product.

Firm, Baby, Firm takes gardenia stem cell technology to new meaning, this serum plumps, restores, corrects--- just not to sure of boosting collagen, I am always skeptical about this claim--- the skin to firmness. What I like most about this product is the 99% active, water-free aloe vera base, which features a soothing lavender.

Available on Blissworld for $75.


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