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Cold Temps Call For These TWO Must-Haves For Your Bag

January 27th, 2014


~Nivea and Vaseline will save you this winter.

Forget about who wore what at last night's Grammy Awards. The one question my friends and readers keep asking me, "Is what can I use on my dry lips and hands".

I don't hesitate to share this blue Nivea tin and this mini-Vaseline jar, which should be a MUST in your bag, car, and night table. Why? The Nivea Travel Sized Creme Tin is ideal for intensive moisturizing, which your hands call for this time of year, and the small size allows you to carry it around and reapply. Added Tip: A model friend of mine shared, when on shoots in Europe they would use this creme under her eyes and patted over her lips for extra moisture.

Same holds true for these Vaseline minis which are also available in Original, Coco Butter and Rosy Lips. I am coveted to Rosy Lips and don't leave home without it, but it is so difficult to find, I believe it is sold out all the time so when I find it, I buy it in multiples.

Both items won't cost you more than $3.00- probably less, and the Vaseline Minis is found on a cardboard backing next to the Vaseline Body Lotion. It looks like this, but not sold on line. In stores only.

imageAnd lastly, many also have been experiencing dry, itchy skin- I highly recommend you go buy a tub of CeraVe or Curel. The ceramides in these products work their magic to help combat that dreaded dryness.

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