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A New Way to Detox

March 30th, 2007


Detox footpads are a recent scientific breakthrough for naturally removing harmful body toxins.

imageMany liquid detox methods have drawn skepticism due to their 'fasting' requirements. A potent and proven alternative to this is the African Red Tea Detox Pads. This Eastern belief is that toxins go downwards in the body during the day, and then deposited into the feet. There are 400 to 800 man-made chemicals 'lodged in our bodies'. The normal daily elimination process just can't remove all these chemicals. It is vital that we seek other safe means to help cleanse the body. Once only available in Asia, the sterile footpads- called a sap patch and similar to gauze- applies to the soles of the feet. It is best to use prior to bedtime and you leave it on for the duration of your sleep- ideally eight hours. The patch warms the area, causing pores to open and then draws out the accumulated wastes and toxins. When you wake up in the morning, you actually see the results. The pads will be brownish/grayish in color. (I must add that it is frightening to see this runny, gray liquid on the pad and to think "this was in your body". I couldn't help think about it all morning and start planning ways to change by diet, living, etc. to eliminate these toxins.) With continued use, there will be a reduction in the stain. Having tried a liquid 'cleansing detox system', this footpad works like a dream. You feel invigorated and get a sense of 'spring cleaning' for the body. It definitely counts as a beauty breakthrough! For more information, visit one of my favorite sites African Red Tea Imports, or call the store and get enlightened by the gracious owner Nira at 1-323-658-7832 who is simply a delight to speak to.


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