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A Duo-Action Exfoliant

December 3rd, 2012


Algenist Triple-Action Micropolish & Peel

imageExfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. If you want your skin to glow, look fresh and rejuvenated exfoliating is key. However, what you use can either make or break your skin so you must choose wisely. My must-have favorite is Dermalogica's Daily MicroExfoliant, because it is made with rice powder that is fine, no course edges and does the trick effectively on my sensitive skin. However, I recently ran out and started experimenting with other polishes or scrubs.

Algenist, made by a team of biotechnology scientists in South San Francisco, which by the way is experiencing a great surge in popularity thanks to its ant-aging products has just launched Triple-Action Micropolish & Peel. This microdermabrasion peel goes beyond deep exfoliation, it works wonders at regenerating the skin too. It contains a 10 percent acid duo (patent-pending alguronic acid and glycolic acid) in a potent combination with a 10 percent fruit enzyme complex and micro polishing crystals to immediately transform skin texture and tone. It works deep below the skin to dissolve the smaller skin-dulling cells and regenerate smoother, more even skin underneath. Skin glows and radiates, just what it needs this time of year when sleep deprivation sets in between working late, partying and shopping till you drop,


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