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2011—- It’s all about FAT Lashes

January 3rd, 2011


Lashout…Way, way out.

imageFirst it was BOTOX, then Angelina gave new meaning to "the pout" starting the trend in "stinging" lip glosses for extra plumping. Last year,well it was all about "the tan" thanks to Snooki and her New Jersey Shore posse.

This year you can forget about mascara; it's all about fatter lashes and eyelash enhancers.

The hottest thing in the beauty industry is the LashDip- it gives new meaning to lashes by creating deep, dark colored lashes that is safe. It lasts two to six week and cost about $200-300. There is also LashRefresh for inbetween dips.

The other enhancing products on the market has been mentioned previously such as Lattice, the only prescription FDA-approved. However, this comes with side-effects and from my expertise and interviews I conducted it isn't worth the risk.

imageTalika Eyelash Lipocils, $40, and L'Oreal Double Extend Lash Booster, $12.99, are two brands found at your local drugstores and retailer stores that don't work as instantly, but given time and patience they will help promote"pretty long,lashes".

Professional extensions is always another path, but is more time consuming and expensive- it last two to three weeks. I have enough beauty maintanence to take care of and don't feel like dealing with a replacement lash.


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