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August 20th, 2008

A Pair for Perfect Legs

imageA two step process with a two week promise from St. Ives's New Cellulite Shield Gel Creme ($6.99) and Moisturizer ($4.99)-It doesn't break the bank. This citrus scented regimen is formulated with an exclusive MicroSmooth Complex, so skin is left looking dimple-free. What makes it so worthy? Unique ingredients like caffeine stimulate microcirculation and green tea fights off free radicals!

Grey Cover

imageAvon's Advance Techniques Salon Professional Hair Care line is created by a team of the world's top stylists... they know best when it comes to products that work. One that is a definite try is the Grey Root Touch-Up, $5.99, offers touch 'ups when your hair color starts to show grey and you aren't ready to color it right away.

Chic & Deodorette

imageFound: A pocket-worthy size deodorant that looks more like a makeup stick than underarm stick. Now you don't have to fear being caught with a deodorant stick falling out of your bag or stinky underarms. Deodorette by MBeze makes freshening up easy and chic to do. Now until November 24, 2008 MBeze will donate 10% of each Deodorette sale to Breast Cancer 3-Day Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation.

Yummy & Bubbly

imageimageFountain drinks- especially Root Beer Floats- bring back a bit of old fashion nostalgia. philosophy has captured these frothy, yummy, bubbly drinks in a shower gel trio, the soda founatin 3-in-1 shampoo, bubble bath and shower gel, $30 and the soda fountain lip set, $28 in cherry cola, root beer and fruit punch. But hurry, it's a limited edition collection.

A Hair Saver

imageJust like face spritzers are a summer necessity- heck- all year round beauty must-have, a hair refresher can only help too. Especially if your hair is curly, it can use a midday boost with a spritz of Ouidad's Botanical Boost. Formulated with aloe vera and botanical ingredients, it's sure to put the bounce back.


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